12th Oct 2016


All prices for mobile laptop repair, computer diagnostics, software installation and configuration on the mobile service list consist of a free planning and diagnosis stage followed by the implementation or repair. The labour cost of repairs on customer premises is calculated in hourly increments with a one hour minimum, with the exception of small jobs which carry a reduced rate. Any parts required will be discussed during the planning stage and if required, a second visit will be scheduled after the parts are obtained.

The on-site service includes the same free planning and diagnosis stage, collection of the device and parts (if any), the repair and return of the device. In this case, the prices are fixed and quoted during the planning stage. The fee is payable when the device is returned fixed. If the repair proves inadequate or impossible you will be advised and the process will revert back to the planning stage, though this only applies to very complex repairs; non-repairs are not chargeable.

Mobile services include:

PC and Laptop repairs and upgrades (Hard Drives, SSDs, Memory, Graphics Cards, etc.)
Software installation or configuration
Installation of peripherals (TVs, Projectors, Network Printers, etc.)
Virus or Malware removal
Network installations and upgrades (WiFi, Ethernet, Powerline Adapters)
Router configuration (DynamicDNS, Port Forwarding, etc.)
Home Entertainment System Setup
Small jobs (half an hour or so) [mouse over for details] £10
Travel outwith 20 mile radius from workshop (no charge for under 20 miles) £0.45/mi


Off-site services include:

Hardware diagnostics (Applies only to hardware faults and complex hardware faults – no fix no fee applies) £10
Hardware faults (GPU reflow, short circuit, bent pin) £20
Complex hardware faults (Burst Capacitor Replacement, Intermittent Faults, etc.) £50
Simple part replacement (not requiring disassembly of the machine) £15
Intermediate part replacement (requiring partial disassembly of the machine) £25
Complex part replacement (requiring full disassembly of the machine) £35
Screen repair (LCD, inverter or backlight replacement, excluding parts) £20
Persistent Virus or Malware removal [mouse over for details] £30
Operating System re-installation and upgrades £30
Operating System tune-up and driver installation £20
SSD Upgrade with Disk Cloning £25
Failed Hard Drive Replacement [mouse over for details] £35
Data Migration [mouse over for details] £20
Custom PC builds [mouse over for details] £65
Any other projects (please contact me with your requirements and I’ll send a quote) See quote


Additional services include:

Graphic Design £25/hour
Web Design £25/hour