Laptop Repair Pro proudly supports Happy Smiles Children's Charity

LRP supports Happy Smile Children’s Charity

Laptop Repair Pro proudly supports Happy Smile Children’s Charity In an effort to support and give back to the community, Laptop Repair Pro has signed up as a Gold Supporter of the Happy Smile Children’s Charity. The HSCC supports children with life limiting or threatening illnesses by funding treatment, travel and accommodation, as well as Read more about LRP supports Happy Smile Children’s Charity[…]

Sending notification emails in Office 365 Exchange

Introduction A great way to simplify mundane administrative tasks is by sending notification emails whenever a device or piece of software needs our attention. Things like UPS boxes, routers and Backup software can send these notifications when they’ve completed a task or there’s a fault or emergency. However, if all notifications come from the same Read more about Sending notification emails in Office 365 Exchange[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - In this edition we're discussing using an SD Card as a Hard Disk to install software or store large files on Ultrabook or 2in1 PCs

Using SD Card as a Hard Disk on Ultrabooks and 2in1 Laptops

Introduction Modern laptops all seem to want to claim the title of smallest, thinnest, lightest and most compact on the market. This is great for travel because your laptop essentially weighs less than the lunch you brought with you. However, it’s a nightmare when it comes to installing applications, upgrading the OS, storing photos and Read more about Using SD Card as a Hard Disk on Ultrabooks and 2in1 Laptops[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - How to Print from Android

How to Print on Android

Introduction We all know how to print on a PC or Mac from years of practice clicking File > Print or using the CTRL + P keyboard shortcut, but what about mobile devices such as phones and tablets? In this post we’ll be looking at how to set up printers and print on Android devices. Read more about How to Print on Android[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - Chromium OS Troubleshooting

Chromium OS Troubleshooting

Introduction This article is intended as a list of reference materials for Chromium OS Troubleshooting. Chromium OS is a community project intended to make the Google Chrome OS available for hardware not specifically designed to run the official operating system. The official Chromebooks aren’t likely to suffer from the issues listed below, therefore the fixes should Read more about Chromium OS Troubleshooting[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - Upcycle old PC with Chromium OS

Upcycle an old laptop into a Chromebook

Introduction Chromium OS is a stripped down Linux distribution which consumes very minimal resources and can be installed on just about any hardware. Because of its versatility it’s excellent for older PCs which are still perfectly functional, but unable to meet today’s demands. Chromium OS serves just one function – to provide the user with Read more about Upcycle an old laptop into a Chromebook[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - Recommended Software to Minimise Virus Risk

Recommended Software to Minimise Virus Risk

Introduction These days, the risk of virus infection from browsing the Internet is very high. This is mostly due to genuine websites selling space to advertising brokers who then sell it on to third parties. The third parties can be anyone willing to pay for the space including people who don’t have our best interests at heart. The Read more about Recommended Software to Minimise Virus Risk[…]

Laptop Repair Pro Blog - Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery

Overview A password is meant to protect our computer and our data from unauthorised access but when we forget our password as often happens, we end up locking ourselves out of our computers. Here are the steps to perform an emergency Windows password recovery on your computer using a Linux image you can download for Read more about Windows Password Recovery[…]

Laptop Repair Pro - HP Envy D410a Scanner Module Repair

HP Envy D410a Scanner Module Replacement

Overview In this blog I’ll be demonstrating how to repair a HP Envy D410a Scanner which has started producing black scans. I attempted to clean the existing scanner module to no avail so instead I opted to replace the unit. I couldn’t find a service manual for the printer and no tutorials were available online Read more about HP Envy D410a Scanner Module Replacement[…]

Sega Game Gear Repair (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the repair and restoration of the old Sega Game Gear handheld console. If you haven’t followed the progress so far, please read Sega Game Gear Repair (Part 1) to see what was done so far. The console can now read cartridges but the screen is dim, the brightness adjustment wheel doesn’t Read more about Sega Game Gear Repair (Part 2)[…]